We’re A Local Company Promoting Local Businesses


Diverse Land Commercial Real Estate was founded 16 years ago, as a premier rental company serving Clearfield and the surrounding areas. One of the major focuses of our business is to help local businessmen and women find the perfect space to make their business thrive. We want to promote these local companies and also bring in other businesses to boost our local economy. We strive to attract the best businesses to help Clearfield thrive.

We are Clearfield natives that have owned and operated businesses in a variety of fields from construction to real estate and work hard to make sure our tenants are provided with the best possible spaces to fit their needs. We take the time to understand how each business operates and how to make a space work for our renters, creating a community of businesses that work together and benefit from one another.

As we look to the future, we will continue to strive to meet the growing demands of Clearfield’s real estate market and help the economy grow for years to come.


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